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Jen Darley's Bio

Jen Darley began her executive career as a senior staff member of the National Constitution Center, a renowned museum in the heart of Philadelphia’s Historic District.  As Vice President of Operations, Jen was responsible for making high level, strategic decisions around the organization’s sustainability.  In her 14 years with the Center, Jen launched and managed several successful business enterprises, including a $3 million a year catering and event operation.  She also developed and executed the goals and objectives, sales and marketing plans of all earned revenue functions for the Center, including group sales, facility rentals, food services, retail services and parking.  Building operations, IT and security rounded out Jen’s vast portfolio of responsibilities.


In 2015 Jen moved on and joined Hillary Clinton’s campaign as a National Advance Lead, traveling around the country managing and executing events and rallies for over 10,000 people.  Jen brought her years of experience in management and operations to the campaign, effectively developing policies and procedures, standards and best practices to streamline communication and ensure continuity amongst the staff around the country.  Her ability to create and execute events under tight turnarounds, manage strict budget guidelines and navigate high stress situations proved to be invaluable, so much so that Jen is still asked on occasion to manage trips and events for Secretary Clinton. 


Following her work on the campaign, Jen became the Deputy Director of Executive Operations for the Governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo.  In this role, Jen managed the daily and strategic operations of the advance and events department.  Jen’s professionalism and dedication to hard work quickly earned the trust and respect of the Governor and his senior team.  Working directly for the Governor gave Jen direct access to the inner workings of an existing gubernatorial administration.


After a year with Governor Cuomo's office, Jen decided it was time to get back into the work she was really passionate about - helping others.  So in April of 2018, Jen became the Deputy Chief of Staff for The Doe Fund, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing services and support to homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals.  In addition to the operational and administrative functions of her job, Jen focused on working collaboratively across departments to identify and develop new opportunities for organizational growth and improvement.  In her time with The Doe Fund, Jen played a critical role in a variety of projects, including developing strategic plans for scaling the organization to accommodate new growth opportunities and the restructuring and relaunching of the catering social enterprise. 


In July of 2019, Jen made the tough decision to leave The Doe Fund and embark on a new adventure.  She took all of the knowledge and experience she gained throughout her entire career and started her own company, Jen Darley Consulting.  Jen decided to add the Nonprofit Management Group to her company portfolio a few months later.  The Nonprofit Management Group allows Jen to focus solely on nonprofit organizations, while Jen Darley Consulting covers her work within the public, private and government sectors.  Jen’s passion for helping others and her ability to inspire change are at the core of both company missions. Since launching Jen Darley Consulting and the Nonprofit Management Group, Jen has worked with a variety of organizations in the nonprofit, government, and political sectors - Concordia, Amy for America, Mike Bloomberg 2020, American Federation of Teachers, Not On My Watch, Inc. to name a few.  


In 2020, Jen became a Certified Business Coach and a Certified Organizational Development Consultant.  Her client list continues to grow, along with her impact on the people and organizations that she works with.

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"It's Not Work, It's My Passion"

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